Conquered: Mt. Malarayat

Adventures are the best way to learn. I’ve been craving for something like this but my parents aren’t fans of travelling so I have to go on adventures on my own. I love the taste of freedom and adrenaline pumping on your veins! We climbed Mt. Malarayat at Lipa, Batangas last Tuesday (thanks to CSO midyear workshop!) and the view is just so exhilarating! Let the photos speak for themselves ❤


Above is a photo of our funny tour guide!


The hiking trip was awesome! The hike was tiresome but seeing the wild forests, it made me realize how wonderful God’s creations are especially when we reached the top of the mountain. It was so worth it. The lovely view left us in awe and how I wish I could always hike up that mountain and feel the peace I felt when I saw the scenic view. Ahh, hoping for more adventures! Another big check on my bucket list! 🙂


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