Adventure Diaries: Malacca, Malaysia

Malacca (dubbed in Malay as historic state) is one of the smallest states in Malaysia. The place was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site since 2008. When I learned that part of our 5 day study tour was a day in a historic site in Malaysia, the geek and vintage lover in me was so excited! Malaysia was just one bus away from Singapore, (though mind you, the travel time was very long) and it was my first time to cross a border. Yep, another check on my bucket list! 


With my friends outside a shrine in Malacca. The weather was very humid and the sun was shining too bright so everyone had their sunnies on. 


Spotted a pre-nup shoot during our tour at Fort A Famosa. I love seeing pre-nup and wedding shoots, though I often see one in Manila (by accident and then I take photographs of the couple just because I love pre-nups).


We climbed so many steps from Fort A Famosa to St. John’s Fort. Fort A Famosa was constructed by the Portuguese but after the Dutch invasion, it suffered structural damage. 



This man was singing to Freddie Aguilar’s “Anak”. He sang both Filipino and Malay versions for us.



This is Malaysia’s version of our “kalesa” or maybe our “tricycle”. This bicycle rickshaw is a big hit to tourists especially since it’s too girly and attractive. However, it’s too expensive so I didn’t bother trying. :p



And then once again, there’s me and my love for lovely architecture. I still have so many places (and museums huhu) from Malacca that I wanted to visit but time was short and we are following an itenerary. Maybe I’d just come back here someday, if I get the chance. 

If given the opportunity, I’d love to explore more of our very rich Asian culture first before going to other continents though that seems impossible. Anyway, here’s to more travelling and adventure diaries. I’m so excited for more adventures to come! I’ll be sharing more travel photos soon. 

Love lots, Chenny 🙂


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