Bits + Pieces: Tales of an intern

Bits + Pieces: Tales of an Intern

Life lately has been very tiring yet fun because this summer I have officially started my on-the-job training! Aside from my constant road trips, adventures, food trips and slumber parties (I haven’t been to the beach yet so summer isn’t really complete for me), my summer mostly revolved on my life as an intern.

The first two weeks of April has been spent on emailing various companies (I tried all sorts of Comm related companies: PR firms, prod houses, publications etc), I just sent emails all the way and I’ve been to interviews back and forth. It was fun seeing different types of companies, trying to find where I would fit in (I already chose my majors yet I’m still not fully sure of what career path I’m going to choose), would it be in the corporate world, outside the field of production or managing events? I couldn’t really choose. After interviews, I would spend my time inside cafes reading books alone or chatting with a friend whenever I had company.

Finally, I had decided to confirm my internship at Bigtop Productions and became an official part of their circus jugglerz. Since it’s in Pasig, my co-interns (also classmates Kimmy and Colyn) decided to stay in a dorm to live in for a month. That’s the reason why I haven’t updated for so long! It’s been a month now and I must say it was a blast! Me and my co-interns experienced field work (shoots for The Tim Yap Show, short films and TVCs) plus I learned how to set-up for lights and being a bad-ass cinematographer. I feel so blessed to have been part of this internship and all the lessons I have learned in production. I am still not sure if I would take this field or not but if given the opportunity, why not? 

Also, since I’m already in Manila and most of my blockmates had their OJTs nearby, I would ride the MRT back and forth to visit them and eat at cafes we have’t tried before. 

I am looking forward to more experiences this summer! Meanwhile, here’s my instagram account, you can follow me 🙂


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