Cinemalaya X

It’s that time of the year again where the creativity and talent of Filipino independent filmmakers are beheld and appreciated. Every August, Cinemalaya features Filipino independent films which encourages cinematic works by Filipino Indie Film makers which articulate bold and artistic Filipino experience. I’m glad to have seen more people watching and supporting Filipino indie films this year, as a matter of fact, the tickets have been sold out after just a week of its release!


Cinemalaya has been a yearly ritual for me ever since I was in my 2nd year of college (way back Cinemalaya 8) and now I must say that this film festival has grown and has been appreciated by more Filipinos. It’s good to see that Cinemalaya also had a larger variety of films this year, as a matter of fact, all the films were worth the watch!


Buboy Villar of Children’s show. 

We were tasked to interview artists, directors, writers and people who were involved in the production of the film for our class in Editorial Management. I was able to interview a lot of resource persons and hearing their stories and adventures during the preparation for the film up until the post-production really inspired me and left me in awe. Our Filipino filmmakers are really talented, no doubt about it.


With Mr. Arnold Reyes of Kasal

As I’ve said earlier, all the films were amazingly beautiful. Sadly, I was only able to watch 14 films, (2) Director’s showcase films and (7) New Breed films plus Shorts A which includes (5) short films. My favorites would be Dagitab, Mariquina and 1st ko si 3rd for the New breed category, The Janitor for the Director’s showcase and Padulong sa Pinuy-Anan (Going Home) for the short film category. Actually, picking favorites isn’t really fair since like what I said, I really enjoyed all the films I’ve watched and everything was really good.


The whole Tropa. It’s been a tradition, like what I said and I am thankful to have been with them every year (though we’ve obviously grown in number, thankful for that too!).


Cinemalaya ran for 10 days, from August 1- August 10, 2014 and I’ve been to the festival (you cannot really feel the cinemalaya vibe if not at CCP!) for 3 days. It is heartwarming to know that many people have been thirsty for intelligent and cultural Filipino Films. I hope one day Cinemalaya and other Film Festivals would be a National event so more Filipinos would appreciate and support Filipino films. 🙂


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