Of Film Exhibits



One of the highlights of the Singapore Trip that I’ve been to was visiting one of the museums in the place. I’ve always had a thing for museums, seeing all the paintings, vintage memorabilia and other things that has been a reminder of the past always gives this exhilarating feeling within me.

I don’t know if that’s boring, cool or artsy but I love it. I wanted to go back to SG to see all the other wonderful museums just to satisfy the artist/hippie within me. I love how museums show so much of the history and culture of a certain country. I spent like hours just looking at the exhibit of artworks and old Singaporean costumes used in their old films. I stood there in awe and admiration, trying to soak and study the pieces in front of me while my friends wandered around and eventually left me because I was awestruck.

I hope to find friends who are interested in art and museums as much as I do! Gosh, there’s so much to see. I’ve been travelling a lot lately and I still have posts on queue. I cannot wait to share all of my adventures here.

2014 is definitely the year where I grew up and stepped out of my comfort zone. Imagine travelling without parental supervision and seeing all these lovely places. I’m looking forward to all the other adventures this coming months and this coming year! 🙂


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