Universal Studios, Singapore

Who doesn’t love theme parks? I am a big fan of theme parks and rides ever since I was a kid! I love the adrenaline-rush-kind-of feeling whenever I ride rollercoasters and other rides that make you scream. Universal Studios in Singapore was one of the places that made the chld in me squeal in delight. I wish I had more time though, I wanted to ride everything and take pictures of people and the view. What I loved about the place was that the effects were really cool and everything was movie-inspired. DSC_4987DSC_4999 The place was crowded so you really had to endure the lines. Also, it was quite hard to capture photos with the number of people.


Kung-fu panda. My favorite character! OMG CAN YOU COME HOME WITH ME? DSC_5005DSC_5018 With my friends before all the screaming started.

DSC_5027DSC_5034 - CopyDSC_5058

Vintage New York-inspired. DSC_5090DSC_5087 Bumblebee! DSC_5088 Damn, too bad it was closed during our visit. And I heard it would be closed for long. *ugly sobbing* DSC_5123DSC_5135DSC_5163 Me and some of my friends before the 4D experience inside Shrek’s castle.


And Puss in Boots! Another one of my favorite characters. Unfortunately, the line of people taking photos with him was way too long, we didn’t have time to have a photo taken with him so, sneaky moves for the blogger/photographer in me. I promised myself that I would bring my brother here for him to see and experience it himself. I would love to go back here! The experience was really worth remembering! Life is really to short to be not lived. Here’s to more adventures!


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