Bits + Pieces: Halfway

Bits + Pieces: Halfway

Halfway through my last year in college, halfway before the real world.Hi everyone! It’s been really hard to maintain the blog lately because of all the hustle and bustle of school plus my new internship (yes, I am an intern again!). However, for my final year in college, there have been many misadventures.

First up, I joined the Baybayin workshop wherein I learned so much about our language and culture. It was held at Cordillera Coffee and I learned so much from this experience. We were taught how to write calligraphy too over coffee and good conversations.I met a lot of new people too though this event was very intimate and I look forward to more events like this.

Next, during the sembreak, my college friends and I went to Enchanted Kingdom to really enjoy and relieve ourselves from the stress that was caused by the first semester. The trip has been postponed every now and then and thank God it happened during our last sem break together. Also, I went to Pinto Art museum! This place has been on my bucket list for months now and thankfully Trisha also wanted to go. So, we spontaneously went to the place and we have no regrets. Despite the really long travel hours (we’re literally from the south—hello Cavite! And Pinto Art was way north) we enjoyed the awesome art and the beautiful view of Antipolo, Rizal. I would really go back there when I find the time.

Then, just when the first few weeks of classes kicked in, my friends and I decided to watch showtime before our schedules got really busy. After the show, we ate burgers at Zark’s in Mckinlley Hill and had great conversations. We barely see each other anymore because of our busy schedules and different majors but moments like these are really worth keeping.

Halfway through my college life and very soon, it’s over. And now I’m also halfway to achieving my dreams. I’m taking small, calculated steps though honestly I’m still pretty indecisive about my decisions. However, I’m at the doorstep of the real world and things are getting a little serious. A few months left before graduation, it still feels surreal.

But for now, carpe diem. 


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