On Winning the PRSP ♥

One of the most memorable highlights of my last year as a college student was winning the PRSP Grand Prix. It took most of my time last semester and I’ve been really busy because of it. My team mates and I even came to a point wherein we stayed inside Florence’s house for a week, we only went home to our respective homes to get clothes! There were many memorable moments during the journey to Grand Prix but for now, allow me to share the peak of the journey: winning.

PRSP (Public Relations Society of the Philippines) holds its annual Student Grand Prix wherein students from different universities will come up with a strategic PR plan to be proposed and presented based on the case given. This year’s case was about PRSP itself. We found it very challenging for, how do we students help PRSP when it is already the premiere organization for PR practitioners? Thus, weeks of planning and brainstorming (and frustrations and crying) led us to an idea: PEAK.


We wanted PRSP to reach it’s PEAK and our campaign PRSPEAK: Tweak and click! PR at its Peak! was created. Aside from the proposal and collaterals, we were also tasked to create an online video and social media accounts to make PRSP known on different platforms.


This year, the competition was held in Colegio de San Juan de Letran in Intramuros, Manila. We were one of the top 7 finalists who made the cut from the 30 universities who have submitted their proposals.The bigger blessing was that, aside from our team, 2 other teams from our University (DLSU-D) made it to the top 7!

We were so happy and blessed to have been one of the finalists and we were even happier when we won Silver (1st place)! When our team, The Big Shift was called onstage by Mr. Bong Osorio, the PRSP’s current president, we were all stunned and really happy. I don’t know, I were just laughing and screaming all at the same time. It was awesome.


It was nerve-wrecking (despite my love on performing onstage, this was an altogether different experience) and yet really memorable. I’m really proud of our team for making it. All the sleepless nights, troubles, challenges, sacrifices, tears and prayers were all worth it.

I was one of the  designers for our collaterals in our campaign and what’s funny was, the judges (Mr. Orsorio and Mr. Agatep) really liked the posters that we made. They even laughed when they saw their faces on the posters.


Whenever I am asked how we reached the PEAK, all I can say is that, my team and I worked really hard. By hard, it was skin to bones hard. And our best asset was our relationship. We did not treat each other as team mates but rather, as family. It was really a pleasure working with The Big Shift family. Without them, I know I wouldn’t have made it. It is one of the highlights and most memorable moments of my college life.


Also, thanks to our really patient mentor, ate Joy Critica (who never left us through it all) and Mr. Polo, our PR adviser who never failed to give us tips and advice for the competition. And to all the friends, family and people who supported us, Thank you. We wouldn’t make it without you.

Sincerely, The Big Shift.


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