Ipin Festival: Cavity Collective

headerDSC_8611 Last November 22, my friend Winnie invited me over to Ipin Festival at the Backyard food truck. I love hanging out at Backyard Food Truck in Dasma. It’s like a haven for art and music enthusiasts plus a place for indie scenes like Cavity Collective’s recent event. I’ve been attending a lot of music and art festivities lately and I feel so happy that the independent music and arts scene in Manila and Cavite are getting bigger. DSC_8622DSC_8629 Ipin Festival 3 was the closing party for Cavity Collective’s 4th year anniversary. Cavity Collective is a group of artists based in Cavite who make us of public space for their visual expression. Meaning, they make our streets even more beautiful and creative with their awesome street art. So, if you happen to pass by the Emilio Aguinaldo highway, you’ll see some of their works on the walls of the streets. And mind you, they are really fascinating. 10452976_4817156443878_6386295793708463811_o10749919_4817156763886_4257086826711856535_o

A happy and amused me. 

My favorite part of Backyard Food truck community: the different art exhibits!

DSC_864710491387_4817167324150_4917898548398771526_oDSC_8668 The event featured some of the members of Cavity Collective with talks about art and their experiences. There were also performances from Spoken Word and other artists. It was a fun and chill night where groups of artists just sat and enjoyed sharing about their love for this field. Winnie and I basically just sat and talked about our love for arts as we ate burritos and listened to the hum of the conversations. There were artists laughing, drawing on their pads and just basically joking around. DSC_8664 DSC_8677

Live art by one of Cavity Collective artists.

I love environments like these where you just hang out with people who share the same interests as you. I am glad to have found friends who share the same interest as me, like Winnie for instance and I’m glad to be in that place and in that moment. Some photos were from Winnie! 


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