Of art and coffee: Baybayin Workshop


History and art are one of my favorite subjects ever since I was a kid and when I read an email one afternoon from Cordillera Coffee, inviting me for a Kapihan workshop, I did not hesitate to join. I immediately replied with a YES and the following weekend, I found myself travelling to QC to participate in this workshop.


The Baybayin workshop was held in Cordillera Coffee, along Xavierville Ave., QC. It was a small and intimate cafe, complete with art, photos of natives from Cordillera and origami. The place was perfect for the workshop where we learned about the Filipino language, heritage and culture. Basically, I learned how important language was to a Nation’s identity and I am so glad that I was part of this workshop though honestly, I was the youngest and the only student there. Oh, also, everyone had a connection to someone and I felt kind of out of place since I didn’t know anyone from their circle but it was okay, at least I got to know new people, right?

IMG_1013 IMG_1018

Kuya Leo Castro of Sanghabi was our mentor. He was sooooo cool.

DSC_8603 DSC_8609

Sir Leo gave us musical instruments with our names in Baybayin syllables engraved on it. There was a short jamming session as we talked about each other’s companies, work and interest in art and culture.


I was really in love with Cordillera Coffee’s interior and food. If only the cafe was nearby, I’d always hang out here.


Everyone else with our ~works of art~. It was a really diverse group from professors to government employees to art enthusiasts. After the workshop, I found myself thinking if I should push through with taking up Sociology (while working, of course) because really, who wouldn’t fall in love with our rich and beautiful culture? There’s still so much to learn.


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