Movie Stars Cafe

Header It’s been quite a long time since I visited this quirky place in Manila but it’s never too late to tell you my experience right? I’m a huge movie fan (hence, one of the reasons why I took up AB Communication!) and that’s why I got excited when I heard about this amazing place! Seeing most of my favorite characters come to life + awesome film memorabilia are what welcomed me in this restaurant. It was like a museum and restaurant rolled in one. DSC_0433   DSC_0527 Being the move junkie that I was, I couldn’t help but squeal when I saw what was inside this vibrant restaurant. I went here with my best friend since we wanted to eat out and have a great night after our internship (told you guys, this is a late post!). She found out about this place from her friend and as she described the place I couldn’t help but be excited. And there it was, all gloriously amazing. It was like entering a smaller version of Universal Studios. DSC_0430

The buffet area! It was a packed night.
The buffet area! It was a packed night.

We decided to avail of the buffet and well, we didn’t really enjoy the food. It didn’t quite appeal to me. Some of the dishes were a bit dry, next time I guess we’ll just order food. Don’t get me wrong though, the food was okay and you can still try it for yourself.

Edward Cullen singing
Edward Cullen singing “A thousand years” while walking towards his Bella.

DSC_0513 The restaurant also has a big stage in front and a catwalk at the center. There were performances that night and their main act was “Breaking Dawn”. I am not a twilight fan but it’s still fun to watch Edward and Bella, together with the other twilight characters signing and dancing. DSC_0543


Of course, I’m a lucky, lucky, lucky girl, they had an AVENGERS SHOW THAT NIGHT! My friend and I arrived at 7pm and the Avengers show was at 12 midnight and since my friend knows how much I LOVE AVENGERS, we stayed the night just to watch it. It was such a bliss seeing Iron Man and the other avengers characters dancing. I love how the actors were able to imitate and really bring my favorite heroes come to life. DSC_0424DSC_0532 It was a packed night since we went there on a Friday and there were like 3 birthday celebrations from different tables. It was hard to take pictures since you have to really wait for your turn.

Me and my love, Iron Man
Me and my love, Iron Man

Yes, no shame and proud Iron Man fan! Fun fact: I collect and buy Marvel comics from fully booked and Cubao X. Comics from Cubao X are far cheaper so if you are an avid comic book collector, I recommend purchasing yours in Cubao expo though,you really have to look hard for the titles that you want. 🙂 DSC_0521IMG_2795IMG_2827 IMG_2819DSC_0566 Being in movie stars cafe really helped ease our stress out! I really felt like a kid again as I laugh and become mesmerized by the shows. Movie Stars Cafe is really the place to be! If you’re an avid movie fan or just looking for a place that’s fun, hip and entertaining, head to this place. It’s a great place to be with family and friends.


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