Bits + Pieces: Crossroads


Ain’t it fun? Living in the real world ~
I think that Paramore track is going to be the song of my life from now on. Well, I’ve recently just transitioned from student to official corporate slave.

Before anything else, my last few bits of College life flew by so fast. There were lots of events and final projects, bondings, recreations, tears, laughter… you name it! Everyone was excited and scared at the same time. When I was younger, I’ve always imagined what it would feel like to graduate from college. But then, with me, everything happened in a snap I was almost, just shocked eto na? graduate na ako? 

Maybe that feeling came when I started working almost a month before grad. Our graduation was scheduled on April 23 and classes ended during the last week of March. A whirlwind of events happened, I got interviewed, landed a job and started ASAP. But then again, I still get overwhelmed every now and then.

It’s been a month since I graduated from college and almost two months since I’ve officially started working for an IT company as a marketing officer. I don’t know what to feel after all these big events that has been happening in my life. The transitions were pretty fast and I think maybe I’m taken by surprise sometimes by the recent changes.

But I love how it feels like to finally be a few steps ahead from achieving my dreams. I know I’m still at a crossroad since I’m still unsure about the things that I really want in life. Like, do I really want this job? Should I have taken a gap year or so? For someone like me at her early twenties, my dreams are still quite big and my plans are still quite foggy. I want this, I like that. I’ve been pretty indecisive with my decisions and life choices, I’m not even sure if I really do want this job right now. Don’t get me wrong, I love marketing; I enjoy the things that I’m doing but then again, when I look at the bigger picture, I’m still quite unsure of what I really want.

And also, being in the real world made me realize a lot of things: one that is, no matter how many trophies I’ve been holding on those photos above, they don’t really matter once you’ve started working. You’re at a clean slate, thus, you have to prove yourself not just once but everyday. Everyday you have to give your best.

I think I’m still in the never-ending process of self-discovery. Maybe I’m still just beginning my chapter 1.


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