Aquaria Beach Resort, Batangas


Nestled almost 3-4 hours away from MNL is Aquaria Beach Resort, located in Playa Calatagan, Batangas. It was a long-ass drive, though shorter than going to other beach resorts up north. Like what I have mentioned before, for a quick getaway from the city, Batangas is the nearest and most convenient choice. The resort was new and since the condominiums and other facilities were still in the process, we only took a day trip. DSC_1907DSC_1889DSC_1892

I have always been fascinated by the beach. Though I’ve been to the sea countless times this summer, still, being at the beach soothes me. It amazes me seeing the vast blue water and the huge skies, it was like escaping, away from everything.


Luckily, for those who aren’t a fan of the beach, Aquaria has pools available! We went swimming in the pool first and we utilized the slide to ourselves. I felt like a kid again, laughing and screaming even though the slide wasn’t too high. It was so fun! I think I kept coming back to the slides until I was tired from going up and down the steps. There are many water activities for the guests to try such as kayaking, the banana boat, etc. though my friends and I did not try any of these activities.

DSC_1891 DSC_1898 DSC_1860


My lovely friend, Sarah.


After swimming like kids in the pool, Sarah and I walked along the beach to scout for a good place to shoot. Indeed there was! Though this part was so far from where the pool areas were, it was worth the walk. The sun was scorching hot and taking photographs would have been fun if not for the itchy and prickling feeling because of the intense heat.

DSC_1880 (2)



There is indeed pleasure upon exploring new places, be it with someone or with no one. I’m glad to have been to Aquaria with some friends that day (though 85% of the time, I was with Sarah). I enjoyed walking along the shores, laughing and talking about silly things. Even though the heat of the sun was almost at the point of it being unbearable, still, it was a great day. The sea will always be my second home. I know, even though I grew up in the city, far from the beach and the islands, still, being by the shores and smelling the salty air makes me nostalgic. Maybe it’s because, the sea, once it has cast its magic, holds us forever.


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