The Words Left Unspoken


I’ve always had a fascination for spoken word poetry. As a writer, I can say that poetry is one of my strong assets.

However, it’s been a long time since I last wrote a poem or even a prose. Ever since I’ve started working, the only things I wrote are: work-related articles & press releases, blog posts and Instagram captions. So when I heard that my previous college organization, commsoc has invited Words Anonymous PH for their The Words Left Unspoken event, I was thrilled!


“Patawarin mo ako sa hindi ko pag-alis, at patatawarin kita sa hindi mo pananatili…” — Ang Huling Tulang Isusulat ko Para Sa’yo, written and performed by Juan Miguel Severo


“Yung mga pinaka-simpleng bagay pala, kapag sabay-sabay nawala
Sagad sa buto, ramdam mo yung hiwa…” –
Trajectory, written and performed by Zuee Herera

I’ve seen Words Anonymous perform for the first time during Intramuros Rising II, way back in December 2014. Since then, I was introduced to spoken word poetry in Manila. They have their usual gigs and performances in Sevs Café (which I have yet to visit), Bunk and other indie music events. Their performances are also available online on their official youtube account.

I was in awe by the heart-felt performances of Zuee Herera, Louise Meets and Juan Miguel Severo. Juan Miguel had his Ang Huling Tulang Isusulat ko Para Sa’yo gone viral on social networking sites which made Words Anonymous and the art of spoken word poetry known in Manila. Aside from that, Juan Miguel is also part of the evening teleserye On the Wings of Love.


“Alam ba niya, na sa tuwing kayo ay magkayakap, mundo ko ang kanyang hawak?” – Dayuhan, written and performed by Louise Meets.


Their words brought people to tears. It’s amazing how these poets write their own works and are able to perform with such intensity. They brought their words to life. You can hear and feel the crowd sighing, sniffing and clapping as they try to recover from every piece of poetry delivered.

My favorite acts were Zuee’s Trajectory and Long Distance Relatioship, Louise Meets’ Dayuhan, Juan Miguel’s Ang Huling Tulang Isusulat ko Para Sa’yo and the collab between Juan Miguel and Louise Meets.


The La Sallian Pop Band

There were also musical performances by the Lasallian Pop Band and an open mic by some students from DLSU-D.


Group photo with my previous College Org! So proud of you babies!

Poetry, definitely, is not dead. It is very much alive and has been reborn after the art of spoken word poetry became known. I find comfort in hearing similar stories and feelings from other people. Maybe, that’s the reason why this craft has been very popular lately– giving voice to the unheard and knowing that in life’s circumstances, you are not alone.


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