Artistic Adventures



Allow me to introduce you to my girls–aka. my creative works! I really wanted to share my paintings in this site so after looking for photos of my previous works this post is finally here!


I admit my “skills” aren’t that much compared to all the other artists out there. I’d like to think I’m still a work in progress and I still have so much to learn. Art will always be my passion, no matter what art form that is. I still don’t know what my strengths are in terms of traditional art, I’m still exploring and trying to find my “style”.

I have tried lettering in the past, yet, with my ugly handwriting, I’d still need more practice. On the other hand, I found comfort in doing watercolor portraits (much of women, tried painting men too but that would be on another post soon!). I’ve also tried watercolor painting of animals and structures which were also something I enjoyed.



I admire a lot of artists online, both local and international. Every once in a while, I’d browse through their blogs, youtube accts and IG accts to get inspiration. Of course, my favorite source of inspiration would be going to museums and exhibits. I love absorbing all the artist’s creative energies and looking through different styles and mediums of art. Books and magazines are helpful too in terms of getting inspiration.

It’s not easy to whip an artwork. You’d start by thinking, “what would I want to do today?” or sometimes, you just pick up your brush and you’re good to go. But most days I have no idea what kind of piece I’d work on. That’s why I admire those artists who could create more than 5 pieces a week. Hence, there were days when I’d just stare into space and produce nothing. Still, days like that shouldn’t stop you from practicing your art. The satisfaction you get once you’ve finished a piece is very overwhelmingly happy.


Losing You


I often share my works on my Instagram account. I used to also post my watercolor paintings on Tumblr. Though, most days, I just keep my works to myself.

Most of my works are inspired by poetry that I read or wrote. Since I also write, I often share my works with some poetry for added drama (just kidding ;P). I’ve been working on some blackout poetry pieces lately and I hope to be able to share most of my poetry with my paintings. That would take me a long time though with the pace that I have when it comes to painting.


Some of my works on Instagram!

I still have so much to work on with my skills. I still need more, more & more practice to improve myself. I’m thankful for those who never failed to encourage me to continue working and improving my art. I still have a long way to go but these girls are a good start 😉


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