MAD Fest 2015

It was a cold November night, and from afar, I could already hear the music from the bands playing. I was very excited because this is my first MAD Fest experience since I wasn’t able to attend last year.

MAD Fest stands for Music, Arts and Dance Festival. Last year, they featured Kimbra for their main act. This year, the festival featured Nico & Vinz together with Futuristic Polar Bears, some local bands and DJs. Jack TV hosted the event and I must say they had a really solid set of both mainstream and indie bands! I really enjoyed singing to some of my favorite local acts such as Parokya Ni Edgar, Franco, KJwan and Urbandub. Of course, my favorite part of the event was singing and dancing to Nico & Vinz’s songs! I am a fan!

I was only able to capture a few photos from the festival because dslr cameras ARE NOT ALLOWED. You could imagine my disappointment when I found out. Anyway, still, below are photos of what transpired during the event.


I must say I’ll never get tired of attending music and art festivals. These events remind me that I am a young millennial who should be enjoying and living her life to the fullest not just working non-stop in the corporate jungle. Music and Art will always be my favorite combo. I had so many fond memories of that night (great company is always a MUST, I remember jumping, dancing and singing my heart out during my favorite songs. Nights like these are to live for.


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