Playground for Adults: Sandbox Alviera Adventure


For an outdoors-type of person, working 5 days a week is a pain. I’m always longing to go somewhere far, somewhere fun and somewhere sunny. Well, thank God for weekends! The wanderlust spirit remains alive with every adventure we get to plan after a tiring week.

Sandbox Alviera is the kind of place outdoors people would love. Set in the middle of Porac, Pampanga, the place as the name suggests is a playground for adults!

IMG_0267-2DSC_4518DSC_4403This Giant Swing wins at life

This trip has originally been planned last August. But then many things occurred, the trip didn’t happen until last Saturday.

Commuting to Sandbox Alviera was no joke. I came all the way from Cavite and I had to leave home by 6:00 in the morning to reach Cubao by 8:00 am. From Cubao, we rode a bus going to Dau then rode a jeepney going to Angeles. From there we got lucky, we were able to take a ride going to Sandbox Alviera. Thankfully, it saved us from the hassle of riding a tricycle in the middle of nowhere.

The long commute was worth it though because after seeing the place, I was like an excited kid who came running for the entrance! The place was filled with extreme activities such as Rapelling, Giant Swing, Aerial Walk etc. We paid for package C (worth 400php), bought lunch then excitedly began the activities.

Under the scorching sun, we braved the outdoor activities offered in the place. First in line was the Giant Swing and I was excited! If given a chance I’d keep coming back there over and over again.

There weren’t much people around so we had the place mostly to ourselves. The lines weren’t that long and the staff were funny and very friendly. I’ll let the photos do most of the talking though, enjoy! 😉

IMG_0270-2IMG_0277-2DSC_4422DSC_4419DSC_4408The place was too pretty not to take portraits.

DSC_4544DSC_4545DSC_4554collageActivities by the Adventure tower: Rapelling and Free Fall.

IMG_0322-2Friendship goals unlocked!

I’ve been exposed in the city for so long that’s why after seeing the place, I was really overwhelmed. I missed seeing green fields, mountain ranges and so much green everywhere. I couldn’t help but take too many photos and stare in awe around the place. I wish weekends were longer though, so I could just sit and admire the place’s beauty much longer.

IMG_0297-2DSC_4431DSC_4534DSC_4538Roller coaster Zipline. Looks fun but, nakakahilo!!!

DSC_4551DSC_4486Couple spotting: there were too many of them. #SingleLyf

DSC_4484DSC_4463DSC_4472Minsan lang, patawarin.


I guess I’m starting to become one of those weekend warriors who goes places every weekend and holiday that they could. Well, who could blame us? We need to feed our wanderlust souls! Sandbox Alviera is the place to be if you’re looking for a fun adventure not too far from Manila. I’d come back and do that Giant Swing over and over again if I could! xx


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