Baler in a heartbeat

DSC_5134IMG_1326.jpgDSC_5186DSC_5206Of all the places I’ve been to these past few days, I must say Baler has a special place in my heart.

This trip started with the question “Gusto mo rin mag-baler?” between tweets and FB chats. We decided on a date and after a few conversations, we made plans and the trip to Baler was all set. In a heartbeat, we met that Friday night in Cubao, rode a bus going to Baler and in the morning, woke up with rays of sunlight on our faces. Tired and sleepy from the 8-hour trip, still, the excitement to see the waves crashing upon the shore was there. We were finally in Baler.

We had no initial plans nor any itinerary. We only had the address of the hostel where we planned to stay for three days. It was drizzling, the sky was gray and dark with our heavy bags on our backs. But the place was beautiful. At last, we were away from the chaotic city that is, Manila.

We were free.


Baler was beautiful. I have always loved the sea and Baler’s waves caught me in awe. I didn’t know that there was more to Baler than surfing until our tricycle driver offered to tour us around. We explored museums, other beaches aside from Sabang, watched the sunrise from Ampere beach, hiked our way to see Mother Falls, breathed in the fresh air as the tricycle brought us places and overlooked the beauty of Aurora above Ermita hills.

At night, we’d talk with other travelers who told us stories from their previous travels. With beers in our hands and stories to share, I made new friends and gained even more adrenaline to fuel my wanderlust.


Baler had it all. Good food, a rich history, majestic views, friendly locals, beaches to swim to and places where could just sit and admire God’s wonderful creations. The photos here do not do any justice on how wonderful Baler is. You have to see it for yourself. In three days I have been so attached to this place my heart almost ached on the way back to Manila.


Baler, for three days has not just offered us a place to escape. Baler, even for a short while, made us feel home. 


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