Artsy by the beach: The Circle Hostel, Baler


The Island life is the dream life. Well, for a girl like me who grew up in the city, that is.

As I have mentioned on my recent blog post about Baler, the only thing we researched for this trip was which hostel we’re going to stay in. Apparently, since we’re on a “tight” budget, we’ve decided to look for cheaper places.


Luckily, our friend Bea who went to La Union last summer, suggested that we stay in the Circle Hostel since that’s where they stayed during their La Union trip. Since all three of us are art-enthusiasts, plus the place is very much affordable, we have decided that the Circle Hostel is the perfect place for us to stay in.

Indeed, it was.


To begin with, it was my first time to stay in a hostel. I was looking forward to this different kind of experience, wherein I get to sleep with strangers and meet new people from all walks of life. We stayed in the bunkbed areas, it was a co-ed room (though it felt more like a girl’s room since the sheets were floral and pink) and it was really comfy. Our stay gave me a good night’s sleep. There were also hammocks available for those interested.

My favorite part from the hostel is the common area. The common area on the ground floor is where most tourists who want to get to know each other stay. That’s where we made new friends and met travelers who told us stories about their adventures over beer and good food. The common area on the second floor is made more for groups of friends/people who wants to chill, sleep or play games. Complete with bean bags and tables, had I stayed longer in baler I would’ve utilized the area for painting and reading.


What’s cool about the Circle Hostel in Baler is that they have a skate area! And like all Circle Hostels, they have bucket loads of paint to encourage people to express themselves. Bea painted the Ukulele (and it was really beautiful) while I painted the stones (which I forgot to take a photo of). I enjoyed staring at all the motivational and travel quotes plus the paintings all over the place. Bea and I wanted to paint some of the doors but our time was very limited. Maybe when we come back?

Also sharing with you guys are some snaps I have of Baler that I wasn’t able to include on my previous post. Enjoy! 🙂


Seas The Day!


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