Wanderland 2016


 Now on it’s fourth year, Manila’s version of coachella continues to establish itself as one of the go-to music festivals every summer.

It was my first Wanderland experience (finally after having so many conflicts with my schedule, this one pushed through!) and I went with yearly Wanderers so basically, they filled me in on how the previous ones went.



This year’s theme was “intergalactic & outer space”, so you can see giant planets and futuristic artworks here and there. What my friends disliked though was the inconvenience of using the wandertap as mode of payment (which obviously slowed the lines along the food stalls).

What made me go to this festival was of course, the stellar line-up. Being a big fan of Bon Iver and Death Cab For Cutie, I knew this time I really had to go. Everyone knew that this year’s Wanderland was going to be a big cry fest with these two acts together. With songs about longing, loss and pain, the night was obviously a recipe for heartache.IMG_434012802894_10201413027043407_6581729222159762361_nIMG_4550

The event started cheery and bright with the scorching summer sun shining brightly upon early wanderers. The earlier bands were upbeat and everyone can feel the festival vibes with their music.


San Cisco was one of my favorites. I’ve been listening to their songs for quite some time now and their music was the right mix of disco and indie-pop.

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset12806199_10201413028683448_5336313439107776580_n

When Bon Iver took over, the crowd was suddenly emotional. It was a majestic feeling- with Justin Vernon’s voice, the musical instruments, the lights that filled the stage, and the crowd singing- each song gripped you, longing for more.

Death Cab for cutie pretty much did the same- they ripped your heart with every song. I am a huge DCFC fan and seeing Ben Gibbard so close made me want to squeal and jump onstage just to hug him. They began their set with “No room in frame” and I couldn’t help but smile in delight. I sang to every lyric of every song, together with the crowd.

Everyone’s energies were mixed together and as I looked around, I would smile after seeing people who sang with their hearts  out, with eyes closed or gripping the arms of the person beside them. (“Little wanderer, won’t you wander back to me?”  from Little Wanderer)


It was such a wonderful night and probably the best part of me the stripped down performance of “I will follow you into the dark” by Ben Gibbard with just his acoustic guitar and all the ~feelings~ he had in store for us. Just when you thought their performance couldn’t get anymore emotional.

Wanderland has been a great experience for me. As a big fan of music, I enjoyed this festival that brought a lot of my favorite acts together. The performances left everyone tired and sleepy but happy, nevertheless. And maybe that’s the magic of Wanderland that millennials kept coming back to – bringing people together through the wonders of music.


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