Finding serenity in the islands of Bohol


Pristine shores, quiet moments by the beach, breathtaking sunsets– no words were enough to describe the beauty of Bohol’s islands.

Growing up, I’ve heard a lot about Bohol’s Chocolate Hills but not about its beautiful beaches. Being someone who’s always up for the beach, the shores of Panglao and the wonderful Balicasag and Virgin Islands were really something I adored.


My wonderful parents


For three days, I’d wake up extra early just to walk along the white sandy shores of Panglao where our hotel was located. Sometimes I’d just sit on the sand and listen to the sounds of the waves and watch the skies change colors. On the afternoons, I would take photographs or write on my journal as I observe the tourists around me.

My family weren’t big fans of the beach but I was glad they enjoyed Panglao. We’d play around the sea in the mornings and walk around in the afternoons. On our third day in Bohol, we met with our guide who took us to the Balicasag and Virgin Island.


The salty scent of the sea together with the morning breeze and the sound of the boat’s engine accompanied us throughout our boat ride while our two guides told us stories about their Island life. One of our guides works as a seaman and he has been to a lot of places around the world but to him, Bohol will always be the best. Nothing compares to home.


We watched dolphins play as the sun rises and I wanted nothing more in that moment than to also jump in and join these lovely creatures. Of course I couldn’t, I didn’t know how to swim. I remembered the scene from one of my favorite teen movies back then, Aquamarine, where Jojo swam with the dolphins towards the dock. How I wish I grew up near the ocean, I would’ve had a kick-ass childhood.



My Favorite person is growing up too fast.


My brother and I tried snorkeling when we arrived at Balicasag Island. My parents were pretty hesitant at first (knowing how paranoid both parents are, sometimes I wonder if I really am their child jk) but eventually we convinced them to allow us. My brother was stoked and so I was, it was my first time. I looked forward to seeing the darling underwater creatures and they did not disappoint.

It’s amazing how we have an entire world underwater that has been unexplored. I read somewhere that about 90% of the ocean is undiscovered and I had this urge to try scuba diving sometime soon because the underwater world really fascinated me.


Virgin Island was exquisite. It was charming and serene and all things beautiful. The long stretch of the sandbar was a sight to behold. Walking along the small island gives you serenity, the kind of peace that overwhelms you. I wished I could bring that kind of feeling in the city but I guess, that’s what makes these places special.

I love the serenity that the islands of Bohol gave me. It helped me breathe, think, and write. The hours I spent lying on the shore while listening to my favorite tracks and just watching the world go by gave me epiphanies of the kind of life I want to live.


The sea will always be dear to me.


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