Talking about Music, Future Projects and Festivals with Julian Jordan


Summer is definitely the perfect time to get intensely close with your friends, and to party all-out. For the fourth and last time, Close-up ended the Forever Summer tradition by bringing the hottest and best DJs in the world to give us a festival like no other.

We were given a chance to sit down and talk to one of the youngest, rising DJs in the dance music scene. Bringing fresh spins and exciting new music to the most-awaited summer music festival, was the twenty year-old Dutch DJ/producer Julian Jordan who was cited by MTV as “one to watch”.

Tired from his previous flight, Julian still entertained us as he discussed about his music and what EDM fans can expect from him in the near future.

You’re considered as one of the youngest and most talented DJs right now in the scene. How do you feel about entering the music scene at such a young age?

Julian: I never really thought about it and I never really cared about my age. I really do feel like I’m older than I actually am because when I come home and when I see my friends, they live a totally different life. They go to school and they go to work, and it’s crazy to see that I’m already working like an adult person and I don’t feel like an adult sometimes. But I never really cared about the age thing because it’s all about the music and you see so much young kids right now who make amazing music and it doesn’t really matter how old you are in this industry.

What made you decide to pursue producing?

Julian: I think I was twelve when I bought my first DJ set and I started just playing records but I felt like I missed something. I want to play my own tracks, I want to create something. I always want to create stuff, and then I thought how cool would it be to create my own music and to create something that people would hear at festivals? That’s how it all started. I just kept on practicing, and even when my track sounded like nothing, I still felt proud of it because it was my own work. I just never gave up.

We’ve hear about your concept event play on. Tell us more about your plan to incorporate it with the thriving EDM landscape.

Julian: I like to call it like a “movement”, it’s not only the music but it’s everything together- music, art, everything. I’ve worked with different artists with it and it’s something that people can be a part of, and I’d like to do it for the younger generation as well. I’m still a kid, I’m 20, and when I started I was 15 and I was already going to clubs but when I have my time off, I would go to concerts of djs and I couldn’t go there because I wasn’t allowed. Especially now that there are a lot of young kids who get inspired by music because it’s all over the radio, it’s all over the internet and still a lot of clubs are for 18 – 21, so what I wanna do with play on is to create a concert for the younger generation to make them feel the same way I did when I was 15 and I was inspired by all the music.

Close-up forever summer is a tradition for people in Manila to party every summer. How does it feel to be one of the djs to close the tradition?

Julian: It feels amazing, I didn’t know that to be honest. When I was confirmed I saw a lot of people in facebook, snapchat and twitter posting about it and I really liked the response and I felt that this is going to be something good.

So what kind of festival experience can the crowd of close-up forever summer expect from you?

Julian: I’m gonna play a lot of new tracks and I’ve been recording in the studio for the last couple of months so I’m really proud that I can play those tracks right now. They can expect a lot of new music and a really fun party.

Any future projects we should look forward to?

Julian: I’m working with a lot of songwriters right now and I’ve made some really different tracks as well. There are a lot of different stuff and it’s fun to explore all these different styles of music and play around with it.

[Article originally written for Juice Magazine. Photos by Vince, Article by me]



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