Tea party in Cameron Highlands


4 hours on the road. We only had a day to explore Cameron highlands but we pushed through because our gut told us that it was going to be worth it.

Since our birthdays were only a few days apart, my friends and I went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to celebrate together.

We wanted to enjoy our stay in Malaysia so aside from KL, we researched for other nearby places that we could explore. After one blog post to another, I stumbled upon Cameron Highlands and fell in love at first sight! Who wouldn’t? The postcard-perfect photos says it all. Reading through the articles pushed me even further to go. The cold weather, the good food, the scenic places- Cameron Highlands was definitely a must-see. After sending photos in our group chat, my friends were also convinced that Cameron Highlands should be added in our itinerary.

Cameron Highlands was named after the British surveyor William Cameron, who mapped the area in 1885, and was later developed during the British colonial period. Since the temperature in Cameron Highlands is cold, tea and strawberries are abundant in this place. DSC_8581.jpg

The mountains surrounding Cameron Highlands reminded me of Baguio City, the summer capital of PH. Add to that are other similarities between the two such as cold weather + fog + strawberries!


We arrived at past noon, around 12:30 pm from KL. We were lucky because there was no traffic yet.

The best way to explore Cameron highlands is to book a tour. However, since we arrived past noon already, all of the morning tours are already fully booked and will resume by 2:30pm. We had to finish our tour before 5:30 pm because that’s our departure time from Cameron back to KL. We had no choice but to book a taxi that would take us around the area.

We bargained with the drivers and luckily, we were able to book a taxi for only 25RM for 3 hours.


Our first stop was the bee farm. Since I’ve been to a lot of bee farms in the Philippines, this place didn’t really catch my attention. Still, it’s a nice place to visit.

Next was the highlight of this trip: The Cameron Valley Tea House! We wanted to go to Boh Tea Plantation but because it was a Sunday, our guide said that traffic would be heavy and our time was limited so he brought us here instead. We aren’t complaining though since we saw how beautiful the place was!




The place was just too beautiful. It was the perfect escape from the city with its breathtaking view and calm atmosphere. I sat for 5 minutes from the bench on top of the hill overlooking the view in awe.


Happy to have come to Cameron Highlands with these two! Some of the best travel buddies ever!



We tried their famous tea and scones with strawberry jam and cream cheese afterwards. I’m not much into tea since I’m more of a coffee person but this was an exception because their tea was super good! If you’re in Cameron Highlands I suggest you try this.

Next we went to the Big red strawberry farm!


The place reminded me of the strawberry farms in the Philippines, especially the ones in Baguio city although here, you aren’t allowed to pick strawberries unless the farmers give you one. What I loved the most about this farm is that it has a cafeteria where you can try their different strawberry products – from cakes to ice cream and strawberry shakes!


Of course we tried the food! We had strawberries with whipped cream, plus french fries with strawberry jam and chili for sauce. It was really good!


We also dropped by the Old Smokehouse just to take photos since we don’t have time anymore. Built in 1937, the place still remains as original as it was back then. It has been refurbished into a hotel with a restaurant, and I promised myself that I would go back here. It was raining hard that time so the photos I have of the Old Smokehouse are all gloomy.

There were still so many places from Cameron Highlands that I wanted to see but we didn’t have the luxury of time. Cameron Highlands was the kind of place you’d go to if you wanted to escape the city. It was beautiful and calm, the kind of place you have the difficulty of saying goodbye to.


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