Falling in love with La Union


The thought of La Union brings a smile on my face. La Union reminds me of the sound of waves crashing, music, good food, rays of sunshine, and lazy days.

I went to La Union (or Elyu as some of the travelers and locals would call it) with two of my closest friends: Vince and Celene.

We were there for three days. We had no planned itinerary but we have some things in mind of the places that we wanted to see. However, it was actually a bad idea because as much as I’m up for SPONTANEITY, it’s always best to research and plan to save time.

Still, we enjoyed our three-day stay in this lovely place. Elyu is best known for surfing and most travelers are staying in San Juan, the surf town of La Union.


We stayed in Circle Hostel in San Juan. We visited the one in Baler last year, and they also have  another in Zambales. 2/3 now! I’m planning to visit the third branch by 2017.


The hidden gem of San Gabriel: Tangadan Falls


Went trekking for thirty minutes. We crossed rivers but mostly muddy trails. It was an easy trek although I came unprepared: I was wearing the wrong pair of sandals.

DSC_8366.jpgGorgeous view during the hike! Just the right breather we need from the chaotic city of Manila.

IMG_0111.jpgWe were rewarded with this picturesque view of Tangadan Falls. We dived, swam and took a lot of pictures! I would love to go back.

dsc_8384 Ma-Cho temple in San Fernando, La Union. 

img_0191A temple dedicated to Chinese sea-goddess Mazu. I can’t help but study the colors and details of the temple.

DSC_8419.jpgGapuz Grape farm! One of my favorite parts of the trip. We were able to try the grapes and choose the ripest ones. 


Grape picking high! 

edits2We tried a lot of restaurants and cafes in the place and these are some of my favorites! El Union Coffee, Halo-halo de iloko and Surf Shack. The halo-halo is a winner!


We spent afternoons watching the sunset with beach music playing in the background.



Our La Union trip would be incomplete without surfing. It was our first time and would surely not be the last. 


Celene and Vince. Chilling by the shore with two of my best friends on our last morning in elyu.


Rays of sunlight on my face. Last morning in La Union! 

Lovely places in elyu (and also my favorite chill places): Tagpuan and Surf Shack!


La Union has a special place in my heart. It’s a place where everyone is nice, friendly and life is slow-paced. No wonder many people came here and decided to stay. We made new friends, visited beautiful places and ate good food. 3 days is very short though. There were still places that we wanted to see. More reason to come back to this lovely town.

I’m so happy I took a break from the city and spent it here. It has given my heart the kind of calmness that cannot be found anywhere else.


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